How can a bug bite make you allergic to meat??

我们通常认为食物过敏是与生俱来的。有时我们在以后的生活中发展它们,but for the most part,there's not really anything we can do to cause them.

Except get bitten by ticks.

A certain kind of tick,at least.The lone star tick,found in the eastern half of[…]

有什么区别?Shellfish,crustaceans and mollusks

Crustaceans and shellfish and mollusks — oh my!!

Shellfish allergies are among the most common in the world,with countries around the globe implementing regulatory guidelines for their labeling.Interestingly,它是一种过敏原,经常表现在食物过敏者的成年期,with 60% of those allergic experiencing their first reaction after the age of[…]

Science: Kids with milk allergies are shorter,比有不同过敏症的孩子轻

Childhood food allergies are a bigger problem than ever in the developed world.Approximately 6% to 8% of kids in the U.S.食物过敏,而且这个数字还在增加,据美国过敏学会称,Asthma and Immunology.

These food allergic kids face many challenges,从不便(“我该怎么办?[…]

免疫治疗4年后,kids still peanut-tolerant

Scientists have been working tirelessly on a cure for allergies for many years.新的研究结果表明,他们可能离我们有多近。

Researchers in Melbourne,澳大利亚每天给48名儿童一种含有益生菌(或安慰剂)的花生蛋白,持续18个月。停药一个月后,大约80%的受试儿童能够忍受[…]

农场动物有助于预防儿童哮喘和过敏,study finds

In the past,we've talked about how household pets can lead to healthier babies.But cats and dogs aren't the only animals linked to better health in youngsters.New evidence from researchers in Switzerland suggests that interaction with farm animals can help prevent asthma and allergies.

"Early childhood contact with animals,以及[…]

As food allergies rise,researchers dig deeper


Instead of using traditional methods to learn about people with food allergies,the team has undertaken the monumental task of analyzing the medical records of a whopping 2.7 million patients.


Researchers suggest tree nut allergies may be diagnosed too freely

树坚果过敏症会阻止你吃咸点心吗?Well,a new study suggests that the common practice of telling patients allergic to one tree nut to avoid all other tree nuts may not be necessary.

The study,美国过敏学会出版,Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI),发现很多[…]

Kid's allergies may be linked to how you wash your dishes


Published in the journal Pediatrics,this study followed roughly 1,000 young children and their parents living in the Gothenburg area of Sweden.Researchers looked into not only if the parents washed[…]

Case demonstrates relationship between food allergies and asthma

Further evidence of the relationship between food allergies and asthma was demonstrated in a recent case in which a two-year-old girl from Pennsylvania nearly died after suffering an unusually severe allergic reaction after eating an orange.

根据《生命科学》最近的一篇文章,after the toddler ingested the orange,she developed an allergic reaction[…]

The role of histamine in the human body

Many are familiar with the word histamine,in the sense of antihistamine drugs that are taken by millions of allergy suffers around the world.一般来说,这些药物通过阻断人体在过敏反应中产生的组胺化合物发挥作用。This in turn controls common symptoms such as[…]